What is Ponylife?

Ponylife is a web-browser RPG game in a magic world called Ponyera, where players are a anthropomorphs ponies with a colorful hair and an exclusive personality who can craft, explore and socialize with others poneis (players and non-players).

Ponylife is based in Pet and Text-Based Browser Games, like Neopets; with a easier interaction and mobile accessibility.

What features Ponylife will have?

Ponylife is based in simulations RPGs and virtual pets games. Click here to see all the features.

 I wanna play it!

Ponylife beta version will be released in 2017. You could play it in any browser (like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc). Mobile and Tablet functionalities will be available too.

How much it will cost?

Ponylife is FREE, but you can buy special items, PonyCoins and Premium Membership. With your help I’ll be able to keep updating the game with new stuff 🙂

Who is behind the game?

My name is Bibiana, I’m a professional Digital Designer from Brazil. I’m responsible for all game development like Game Design, Admin System, Graphic Design, User-Experience and Interactions, Programming (made with PHP, SQL, CSS and JavaScript), Arts and Stories.


I have rediscovered my pony-passion in 2008 when I met the new My Little Pony generation (called G3) and collect some of them. I used to have G1 ponies at my childhood in 90s.

Ponies could be colorful, cute and powerful; and their mane and tail could represent their personalities.

As a gamer since I was a kid, my desire is to attract more girls for game’s world, and with these game design, show them that they can be anything they want.