Ponylife is a magic world, and you are there!

At Ponylife you can find all kind of characters and activities.


Explore many regions and places, discover new elements and magics, follow the seasons change and climate surprises everyday, and don’t miss any monthly event.


Create your own pony, with a mix of your favorite colors and choose her personality. Keep your pony healthy and happy, improve your skills and become a Master in your area. Your ability will increase your Item Quality and you could sell it for more PonyCoins.


Craft special recipes and many other types of items, like clothes, woodworks and perfumes and increase your special collections, like Books, Plushies and more! Get into a special Club or take some Cooking Classes to a better learning.

Make Friends

Interact with other players and villagers, make new friends and talk with them in chat rooms.


Accept new Quest, discover new places, items and information to help you improve and shine!